ALKALINE COOKING CLASSES [plant-based nutrition course]

During class, we explore the beauty in simplicity when preparing food. Alkalinity is choosing to live according to the first principle of nature - self-preservation. Food has become a weapon in mass destruction which first starts of as a wave of confusion. Cultural Foods are constantly defined and then redefined by history. It is here we should look to, to cultivate a state of high-quality living. In the realm of food, too much choice creates desires and too much desire creates emotional imbalances. Learning to become discipline brings longevity, wholesomeness, and a clear sense of direction of who you are. Food can be a serious cause of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances if we let our cultural emotions govern it. 


As a plant-based nutritionist, most of the research done in regards to vegan nutrition is false and is not appropriated to suit all ethnicities. The African/Caribbean in particular genetic makeup is predisposed to many ailments due to nutrition. Soy/Soya and many other processed vegan foods, hybridize vegetables, and fruits that are considered "healthy" or "natural" are causing MANY physical, mental, and emotional problems in our homes and schooling systems due to GMO production, hybridization, and bad food combining. 


Given I am an Akan Woman, I will explore the West African & Caribbean food alternatives we can create together on the journey to wellness & simplicity.