As An Akan Woman, My Methods In Self Care Are Simple.


What You Eat Today, Prepares You For Tomorrow. Every Little Thing You Put In Your Mouth Is Either Loving On You (nurturing You) Or Simply Destroying You Physically, Emotionally, Mentally And “Spiritually”. 

Nutrition Is The Cornerstone Of A Healthy Relationship With Self. It Is Also The Foundation Of Lifelong Health And Longevity For Our Children Well-being. 

Nutrition Impacts Our Moods And Stress Levels Which In Turn Will Influence Our Children’s Development. This Could Manifest As Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Colic, Autism, Diabetes And So Forth. This Gives Us Women A Huge Responsibility. The Responsibility Of Nourishing Ourselves And Our Children Is For The Sole Purpose Of Preparing For The Inevitable Challenges Of This World.

Being A British Born Ghanaian, I Have Beautiful Childhood Memories Of The Traditional Foods My Mother Would Cook For Me. However, Being Raised `In Brixton, London Gave Me The Opportunity To Be Exposed To All Kinds Of People In The Diaspora And Their Take Of Culture, Family, And Their Traditional Foods. The Culinary Arts Are Something That Is Innate For Me.  I Thoroughly Enjoy Serving And Creating Healthy Alternatives.


Coming Into The Know Of The Great Alfredo Bowman Also Known As ‘Dr. Sebi’ Has Brought A Level Of Learning How To Create A High-Quality Lifestyle For Myself And My Children. 

The First Principle Of Self Love Is Self Preservation. When You Thoroughly Observe This Meaning You Learn That As You Gift Yourself Reality, Wealth Follows.


In This Book, You Will Explore The True Essence Of How To Practice An Alkaline Lifestyle And How To Create Comfort Alkaline Foods For You And Your Loved Ones.


Each Recipe Has Been Trialed Many Times In My Household And Has Served My Family Very Well.


I Trust It Will Serve You Too. 



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